"We just shot the finale of season 5 and I didn’t want to say goodbye."

Aliyah O’Brien (x)

Not the greatest quote to wake up to.

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She’s great. I mean she’s like the smartest person I’ve ever met in a kind of sexy librarian sort of way, which, who knew, that’s- that’s my thing. But we don’t really have anything in common… but it actually gives us a lot more to talk about. And we don’t even fight which is- that’s new for me.”

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Gail Peck - Leather Jacket Appreciation

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Screencap Meme

Rule: once you’ve been tagged you can’t change your desktop, even if it’s embarrassing.

I was tagged by weedyart​ (well this is awkward, your drawing is my background  >_>)

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Holly: I used to be like that but it turns out I didn’t like men.
Gail: Well, I don’t think I like men either.
Holly: I mean I’m a lesbian.
Gail: Oh, I mean I hate people.

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I am so in love with these pants. These are the comfiest pants ever. From now on I am living in track pants and yoga pants forever. 

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anisayblahblah THANK YOU. I did actually finish the sketch in the end haha too scared to colour cos I am so bad at it XD 

weedyart not going to tell you how long i’ve been ignoring it for….. >_>

theoburr THANK YOU :):):)

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