Pencil drawing - Work in progress.

Still slow going. Lost count of the hours. Just have all the boring background shit to do. I scanned these this time.

I was thinking of doing a pencil drawing of Aliyah. I wouldn’t mind staring at her face for 30 hours too. Any suggestions what pic?

In complete and utter awe of your work (as usual)
Just ….. :o

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Favorite Brotps | Peckstein

             “It’s just after everything I did to be seen as an equal, I’m back to being the rookie screwup.”

             “Dov, shut up.  The only person who sees you that way is you.”

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So, this is happening.

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Gail’s frown appreciation post.

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Yes. Golly gives too many feels. Feels that you want to feel, but don’t want to feel too much of. Cause it’s too many damn feels! Ya feel me? :P

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"Del, how do you say flowers in French?”

-“Les fleurs.

"How do you say ‘you’re as pretty as a flower’?”

-“Tu es aussi jolie qu’une fleur.”

"…I think I’ll just say it like I’m used to: girl, you as fine as a daisy.

Also quick announcement, I am officially back in school as of tomorrow, so I’m gonna knock out a couple more old requests and then we’ll see from there if reopening is possible. It’s my senior year, so it’s gonna be hella busy, but I’ll try to check in once in a while! I’ll be around to chat, but as for posting art, I can’t promise.

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When your spanish teacher asks you to say what you did today and you’re like;


yo recalentados comida

miré el programa de televisión 'mistresses'
(i slept, i reheated food, i watched the tv show mistresses) 

pardon my terrible spanish

Gail and Holly meet during the time nick and Andy were undercover. She befriends holly kind of how it happened in the show and falls for her. She doesn't realize it though because she just thinks they're friends. Nick gets back and she just doesn't feel right with him. So they break up and gail goes to Holly's after or something.


"Gail, would you hurry up?! Or I’m gonna just start with out you!" Holly called from the couch. 

"Geez, Holly Hold on, I’m just waiting for the popcorn. You can start the movie tho, I’ve seen World War Z like a million times, I don’t think the beginning is gonna change." Gail said from the kitchen with her arms crossed leaning on the counter. 

"Uhhg, just cmon Gail!" She was starting to get impatient, since the dawn of their friendship, Gail took her time to get ready for their movie night. Ever since Nick had left for the mission, Holly was a nice surprise for Gail. They met when Gail was walking through the morgue while texting, she didn’t see Holly and she practically flattened the Pathologist. 

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